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Services - Planning and Construction from A - Z, Maintenance, Testing & Service

  • Planning and construction from A - Z

In view of the differences in the geometries of facades and glass roofs, it is necessary to prepare project-specific plans for access equipments in most cases. In this connection, we provide technical support to architects, consulting engineers, clients and technical planners on request. We offer the following planning services, among others:

   -  Preliminary construction drawing with initial statics for rail systems

   -  Implementation planning with structural drawings and verifiable statics calculations

Of course, we are always available to provide you with consultancy if you so desire.



  • Maintenance, Testing & Service

As regards health and safety protection in the preparation of working materials by the operator, the installations that require monitoring shall be subject to the provisions of the Industrial Safety Ordinance.

In order to ensure the safety of the workman and the problem-free functioning of the installations, it is absolutely essential to carry out maintenance and testing as per schedule.

We also carry out Expert Inspections under the Accident Prevention Regulations (UVV) and the EU - Machinery Directive relating to access and lifting equipments of all types.

The maintenance work includes checking the electrical and mechanical equipment, safety and buffering equipments, etc. with the necessary Testing Log documentation.

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