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Everything you want to know about Befahrtechnik Gebr. Käufer GmbH


Gebr.Käufer GmbH

Since 1969, we have designed and manufactured access equipments for high-rise structures, glass facades and glass roofs. Following a restructuring in 1987, we have been known by the name of Gebr.Käufer GmbH.
Essentially, our services are centered around 2 service activities:

Planning, manufacture, supply and installation of:

  1. Access equipments for cleaning and maintaining glass roofs, cupolas, and facade access equipments.

  2. Motor suspension frames and mobile working platforms in high-rise structures for facade construction, reconstruction, industrial painting, etc. for use on high-rise buildings, chimneys, cooling towers, sports stadia, bridges, etc.

CAD-supported drawings are prepared in our own drawing office and the entire manufacturing process is carried out in our own works. Installation at site is done exclusively by qualified technical personnel.
Our products and special structures are in use all over the world, for example in the Stade de France- Paris, World Trade Center - Sarajevo, Tsing Ma Bridge- Hongkong, to name a few.
As one of the leading manufacturers, we are also a member of the working group on "access equipments" of the Federal Metal Association.